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The one thing you realise when you own a small employment law and HR business, is that you seem to pick up conversations when you’re out and about about the problems, beefs, issues and complaint that roughly every employee has about their job. They don’t like, this and they don’t like that.

They don’t feel valued, they don’t think that their paid enough for the job they do…and if they started looking around they would be snapped up by a competitor at the instant they put their CV out at twice the amount of money they are currently paid by their existing employer. The old adage goes “the grass isn’t always greener on the other side”… or something along those lines.


Employee Handbook


Now, from my experience, the vast majority of people that have that type of mindset will do one of 2 things:

Firstly, they would get a higher paid job somewhere else, with a competitor. They would flounder there for about 3-6 months because they were out of their comfort zone and would eventually either leave or be fired and then end up returning to their previous company with their tails between their legs.

Or secondly, they get the bigger job at the bigger company, struggle for 3-6 months before the bigger company realised that they weren’t up to the task and get rid of them before their probationary period was completed.

Unlike in the first instance above, these people do not go back to their previous employer, they keep looking around and end up jumping from job to job for the remainder of their career.

The one question I’m asked by business owners is how do you stop the above happening? And the answer, fortunately for you, is relatively simple.

And that is to make sure that you have mechanisms and policies in your business to make sure your staff can talk to you about their problems…and that mechanism is to have a really good employee handbook that details all the ways in which you and your business can be communicated with so that you understand your problems before they happen.


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